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Understanding How to Handle Dental Emergencies

Understanding How to Handle Dental Emergencies
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Even if it’s after hours you should never ignore a dental emergency no matter if it’s a little pain or a tooth falling out. There are several things that can occur when your dentist isn’t available and you need to know how to handle it. These are a few emergencies that can occur and things you can do to handle them at home.

Dealing with a Toothache

If you have a tooth ache you can use a cold compress and take some Tylenol. You can also try rinsing with warm water. This will help maintain the pain until the dentist can see you. If you have a broken tooth keep the pieces if you don’t swallow them and put a cold compress on the outside of your mouth to keep the pain at bay. If you knock your tooth out pull it out, rinse it and try putting it back in. If you aren’t able to replace it then put it in some milk to help keep its cells and get to the dentist. Call the emergency dentist so they can put it back in for you.

Losing a Filling or Developing Abscess

If you lose a filling you can get dental cement from the pharmacy to temporarily put it back in or you can use a piece of sugar free gum. Get to the dentist as soon as they open. If a crown falls off then you can do the same. If you have an abscess tooth it can be very painful. You will need to take pain killer and call your dentist, you need to be seen immediately. You should rinse your mouth with warm salt water to help with the pain.
Knowing what to do in certain dental emergencies will allow you to prevent yourself from a lot of pain and help make it easier on everyone when you finally can make it to the dentist.