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Emergency Dentists You can Rely On

Dental Cosmetic Spa is able to consistently provide a wide range of cosmetic dental services to clients who want to improve their smile. We understand how uncomfortable one might feel when faced with tooth problems especially when there is no immediate assistance readily available. This is where Dental Cosmetic Spa is able to step in and offer emergency services to get you the immediate dental care that you need. We are the most reliable provider of an emergency dentist in coral gables.

Clients will from time to time need dental services even after other dentists have been closed or just unavailable. Most procedures are done by appointment after a consultation has been made; this gives us ample time to evaluate the issues and find the best course of action. Patients might however require an emergency procedure that can range from a filling to a replacement tooth.

emergency dentist in coral gables

You might have accidentally chipped your tooth or have a dental problem that needs to be addressed immediately. In any case, we offer our emergency services to patients who cannot go by way of a regular appointment.

Depending on the type of service that you need, we will be on hand to assist you. While it is relatively easy to offer immediate assistance to address some problems in just a single visit, other issues will take some time to get treated. Fixing a tooth that has been chipped off for example is likely to take only one single visit while getting treatment for tooth decay or a gum disease is likely to happen over a series of visits. No matter what, we will always offer immediate assistance to quickly help to correct your issue.

Some services that is likely to be offered in an emergency session include;


Keeping all your natural teeth intact is always our first option. As such we always take all the measures that are necessary to prevent you from losing your teeth. This is not always the case as certain conditions will cause your teeth to become damaged. If it is at a point where it is too far gone to restore, it can cause severe pain and discomfort. At this point there is no other option but to have it removed. Once we have passed this stage, we will help you to decide on replacement options to fill in the missing space.


An accident can cause your teeth to become chipped or cracked and it can become extremely painful. We will offer a quick repair that acts as a temporary or permanent solution.

Medical Assistant

Emergency procedures usually require medication to alleviate the pain being felt. This might be a combination of medication and another medical procedure or might be medication solely to assist with easing the pain until further assistance can be rendered.

Find Out More About Our Emergency Procedures and Other Services

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