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Toothache: Causes and Treatments

Toothache: Causes and Treatments
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Ouch, agonizing, painful – these are just a few words that come to mind when you have a toothache. So what exactly causes a toothache? There are numerous reasons you can get a toothache. These can include an abscessed tooth, tooth fracture, damaged filling, or even infected gums. Trust me when I say that none of this feels good when it does happen. Most people don’t even notice they have a toothache until it gets so bad that there is already damage done to your teeth. How can I tell when my toothache began?

Simple Signs of a Developing Toothache

  • Fever or headache
  • Swelling around the tooth (which sometimes may just feel like a soar on your cheek pressing on your gums.
  • Gross tasting drainage from the infected tooth
  • Sharp throbbing or even constant pain from any pressure put on the tooth (such as when your chewing)

Toothaches can become real pests. It’s best not to let them go untreated for too long, but we all know sometimes life happens and we can’t go to the dentist as soon as what we would like to. There are two options you have, one being if the toothache isn’t so bad you can try some simple home remedies, or if the tooth has been bad for far too long then get it treated by a dentist ASAP!! To start there are a few simple home remedies that can get you through the pain for a little bit.

Home Remedies For Toothaches

  • Applying cold compression on outside of your mouth
  • Take Tylenol or Alieve for pain
  • Wash out mouth with mouth wash after brushing

Dentist Treatments

  • Deep cleaning under the gum line
  • Antibiotic will usually be prescribed (usually if swelling or fever in the jaw is occurring)
  • If causes other than the teeth are responsible, such as a sinus infection, or nerve problems, treatment will be handle do to the specific condition
  • When you have a toothache try not to wait because your health isn’t worth it. Plus, the sooner it’s taken care of the sooner your back to your smiling self.