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Why Teeth Whitening At Home May Not Be Good For You

Why Teeth Whitening At Home May Not Be Good For You
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We’ve all seen the various videos and DIY tutorials floating around the internet, teaching us neat tricks and tips anywhere from makeup tutorials to home improvement projects. We tend to get sucked into the trance of seeing those whitening commercial that advertises instant results at a low cost. Although it does sound tempting to give it a try and save a few dollars in the process, the end result could potential be harmful to your teeth and create serious issues in the future.

White teeth and a perfect smile is the ideal everyone wants and the lengths some would go are extreme. For example, there are several videos involving lemon juice and baking soda as a means to whiten teeth. People on these videos show off their glowing smile and swear by the effectiveness of this simple DIY trick, but what people do not know is the combination of these ingredients does more harm than good. Though you may appear to have a whiter smile, you are really eating away at enamel in the most harmful way. The acidity of the heavily concentrated lemon juice and the abrasive nature of the baking soda is a detrimental combination that can potentially destroy your teeth and dentist everywhere are cringing at the idea.

Then there are the endless whitening kits available. Though, never intended to be used long term, many consumers find themselves abusing these kits and neglecting the recommendations on the box resulting in damage to both their teeth and their gums. Number of people have reported chemical burns from teeth whitening kits being used improperly as well their teeth severely weakened by the continued misuse of these products.

The best way to go about whitening your teeth is to upkeep your dental health and use professional whitening tools under direct dentist supervision to prevent any future complications. Although the results may take a bit longer, it would be well worth preserving your teeth and the number of issues that could potentially plague your health and inevitably your wallet.