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Teaching Children Proper Dental Care

Teaching Children Proper Dental Care
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Getting kids to brush their teeth can be challenging for parents. However, a combined approach that includes home and school can educate your kids and make it a fun activity too.

Example and routine

The most important step in teaching kids proper dental hygiene is example. Kids must see the steps that parents take in dental care, so they learn what is necessary to have clean teeth and why dental care is important. Even a baby needs the gums gently washed in order to prevent harmful bacteria from forming. When the first tooth forms, it is time to start brushing. If you instill in your child teeth brushing in the same manner you stress putting clothes on, your child will naturally transition into the habit. By the end of the first year, your baby should have the first dentist visit. Early exposure will help prevent future fears of the dentist in the future.

Make it fun

There are endless ways to make brushing your teeth seem fun to easily amused children. Let them pick out their own toothpaste, such as a particular flavor they want. Let them use the toothbrush that they also picked out in their favorite color as a microphone to sing their favorite songs in the mirror while brushing. Just make sure they are old enough not to choke on toothpaste!

If your child plays with stuffed animals or dolls, casually make brushing their teeth something that needs to be done. If you want to encourage your child, for example, to brush after every meal, ask them if their teddy bears had their teeth brushed after their tea party.

Once your child learns good dental care habits and takes pride in how healthy the smile is, it won’t be like pulling teeth to get your child in front of the mirror with toothbrush in hand.