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Implants vs. Crowns and Bridges: how to make the right choice.

Implants vs. Crowns and Bridges: how to make the right choice.
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Over the years, dentistry has made strides towards dental treatments and solutions for patients that are revolutionary to our overall dental health and comfort. Today, we have several options to choose from, but with that we have a lot of questions. When it comes to missing teeth or teeth that need work, which route is the best for you to choose? The doctor may suggest implants for some and bridges for others, why is that? When it comes to oral health, making the right decision that can benefit you is priority.

Implants are not for everyone. An ideal candidate has strong supporting bone or be a good candidate for a bone graft in order to have sufficient support for the implant. Overall health are examined and strength of your bone is evaluated. Implants are typically ideal for those who have single missing teeth or multiple teeth who want to avoid weakening surrounding teeth to support a bridge. Implants also benefit those with dentures who want stable support or want something more permanent.

Bridges are just as good an option as implants, but there are factors to consider as well. As mentioned above, in order to support bridges, surrounding teeth must be prepped to be able to support the replacement tooth. There are factors to consider such as the supporting teeth/tooth’s overall health and will it be sufficient to be used as support among other factors. Some with crowns already on those teeth or those who do need dental work on those teeth, are just a couple of examples of bridges being the best option.

Overall, one has to remember to consider all choices and understand the full picture of your dental health to make an informed decision. Understanding fully the different roads you can take for your dental health, as well as listening to your doctor, will not only help you make the right decision, but a decision that will benefit for years.