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How Effective is Xylitol in Fighting Cavities

How Effective is Xylitol in Fighting Cavities
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Taking your oral health into your own hands can be achieved with the help of plant fiber derivative Xylitol. Effective in fighting cavities, reducing cavity causing bacteria, and assisting in repairing damaged enamel; naturally occurring Xylitol can have great benefits for your dental health.

A white crystalline carbohydrate with a sweet taste similar to table sugar, Xylitol occurs naturally in small amounts in the foods we eat every day like fruit and vegetables. Your body also produces small amounts of Xylitol when metabolizing carbohydrates. Stronger commercial quality Xylitol is sourced by extraction from sustainable and renewable corncob, or far less sustainable hard wood.

Xylitol is similar to other sugars in taste, but its structure makes it different and an effective dental health solution for fighting cavities. Most carbohydrates such as fructose and glucose have a six carbon structure that can become a food source to cavity causing bacteria. Xylitol has a five carbon structure that obstructs cavity causing bacteria from producing the sticky cells that bind them to your teeth, therefore, rendering the bacteria incapable of multiplying and further damaging enamel.

Because Xylitol is effective in decreasing the amount of cavity causing bacteria, it is also effective in reducing acid while maintaining a more ideal alkaline ph level in your mouth, perfect for fighting cavities. When cavity causing bacteria encounter sugar, acid becomes the resulting byproduct. On the ph scale acid is too low for optimal oral hygiene and causes damage to enamel. When enamel is damaged it becomes an uphill struggle to continue fighting cavities. Because Xylitol blocks the cycle of acid producing bacteria it raises the ph level of the mouth, and in turn, increases the ph level of your saliva. Mouths treated with Xylitol have an alkaline ph level ideal for reversing enamel damage, and are more successful at fighting cavities.