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Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Damage Your Teeth

Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Damage Your Teeth
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You always hear about how soda and other junk food damages your teeth. Yet what about are there any good food that can damage your teeth.


Well, ice is a good start. Because most people even when we drink water we chew the ice that’s in our drink not thinking about it. The ice can actually break small particles of your teeth cause it to chip slowly away.


Next off lemons can be a terrible thing, well any acid filled foods like them. Over time the acidity from it will eat at the enamel off of your teeth, making your teeth more susceptible to decay and possible rot.


Another big drink that can hurt damage your teeth is coffee. So to all you people who go to Starbucks everyday should probably stop reading now. The caffeinated coffee in constant amounts will end up staining your teeth and slowly causing them to turn a yellowish color.

Sports Drinks

A less common drink that you might be unaware of damaging your teeth is sports drinks. I know what you’re thinking sports drinks you’re kidding? Sadly, sugar is a top ingredient for many sports drinks, which again leads to plaque buildup on both your teeth and gums.


Yet there is still more but the one that people absolutely would have no clue is hurting their teeth is apples. Assuming you have all heard “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but not in this case, it will keep your dentist on speed dial. Apples themselves are actually one of those foods that’s very high in acid that eats at your enamel as well.


Finally, to top the list of foods of that can damage your teeth is meat. Yet, meat is included in almost every diet anyone ever goes on! Depending on the meat itself it can get stuck between the small spaces between your teeth, even stringy shreds of meat. It builds up in-between the crevices between your teeth and creates plaque.

So, those are just some of the actually many healthy foods and drink that can bring harm and damage to your teeth, almost as much as the bad stuff.