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Gum Disease and its Link to Systemic Diseases

Gum Disease and its Link to Systemic Diseases
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Many people are quick to dismiss the health of their gums. When they think of oral health, they believe that it’s all about the teeth, but they forget that the health of the soft tissues of the mouth matter too. As a matter of fact, the teeth relies on the health of the gums to stay in the mouth. Severe gum disease results in bone loss, and that means the loss of support so that the teeth becomes mobile and can fall out.

In an even more serious note, the health of the gums should not be taken for granted because it has been found to cause and exacerbate various systemic diseases.

The Gums and the Body

Plaque is the number one enemy of dentists. Its formation involves three key ingredients: food (sugar), saliva and bacteria. Since you cannot do anything about the natural bacteria and the saliva, you have to control the one that you can, and that is food. Proper hygiene practices are encouraged so that the mouth does not become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Gum disease, when allowed to proliferate can wreak havoc in the mouth. Gingivitis is the reversible consequence of plaque build-up. If this progresses, the bone becomes infected, and this irreversible gum disease is called Periodontitis. Unfortunately, it does not end there—because the same bacteria that causes gum disease can compromise one’s overall health condition:

a. Diabetes

While people with diabetes are most prone to developing periodontal disease, research shows that it can also go the other way around, with chronic periodontal patients developing diabetes as a consequence of prolonged disease. People with diabetes are prone to infection, so they are always encouraged to have their disease under control.

A patient who neglects his dental health can develop gum disease that will progress into Periodontitis. A patient suffering from periodontitis often have problems controlling their blood sugar, and with levels spiking ridiculously, diabetes becomes an actual threat.

b. Heart Disease

Periodontal disease is found to increase the risk for heart disease. Infections that is synonymous to periodontitis can be the same culprit that causes heart problems. As a matter of fact, some evidence finds periodontal disease has been linked to the onset of stroke.

c. Respiratory Disease

Studies reveal that the same bacteria that accumulate in the mouth as a result of gum disease can be aspirated into the lungs and cause respiratory illness. Patients with periodontal disease are found at high risk of developing pneumonia.

d. Cancer

Do you know that 49% of patients with periodontal diseases are found with kidney disease; 54% with pancreatic cancer and 30% are found in various blood cancers? Yes, studies show a relation between gum disease and cancer.

Gum Disease is often taken for granted, but it should be taken seriously by everyone. A lot of people think that dental health is not as dangerous as medical health, but this article shows how the health of your teeth can affect your overall well-being. It is about time you paid more attention to your smile.