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Flossing May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Flossing May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk
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While flossing is not a task most people enjoy doing, it is something you need to do on a daily basis. In addition to being good for your overall oral health, flossing is beneficial to your health in a number of ways. In fact, studies have shown flossing your teeth on a regular basis make actually lessen your risk of pancreatic cancer.

Why Do You Need To Floss Anyway?

Flossing helps get food and bacteria out from between your teeth. A toothbrush alone won’t get everything out. If you forget to floss for long periods of time, especially without the needed, yearly dental cleanings, you will have a higher risk of gum disease. Going a step further, gum disease is linked to pancreatic cancer.

Did You Know Germs Travel?

The bacteria in your mouth does travel to other parts of the body. When this happens, the immune system is weakened. Inflammations can occur. The germs linked to gum disease have been found to manifest in the pancreas long before the patient developed cancer. This means that if the patient would have flossed more often, cancer would not have been as likely, if at all.

You Must Work Flossing Into Your Routine

First of all, use at least eighteen inches of floss during each session. Floss one tooth at a time, as to not rush and miss anything. Put your floss where you will remember to use it, such as in the shower. do not just put it in the medicine cabinet. It is too easy to shut the door and procrastinate.

Yes, your dentist was right. Flossing is just as important to the human body as brushing is. If you make flossing a daily habit, you are going to be saving more than just your teeth. You could very well be saving your own life.