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3 Reasons Why Your Dentist May Be Using Lasers In Your Mouth

3 Reasons Why Your Dentist May Be Using Lasers In Your Mouth
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Dentists have many gadget that they use, depending on the type of dental job that needs to be done. Lasers are often times used for a variety of reasons. Depending on the work that you need to have done, you may have the ability to use the laser for the treatment plan in your near future. Here are some of the reasons why the lasers might be used on your next visit.


When people feel uncomfortable with the drills that are used to drill out cavities, lasers may be used instead. They are less invasive, less scary and virtually soundless when drilling holes into your teeth. They can also be much more effective at getting into hard to reach areas. The laser also emits a light that zaps any bacteria from the gums and in the harder to reach back of the mouth.


When you need to have your teeth cleaned, a laser can get in between the teeth. The laser can remove the bacteria, the plaque and other problem areas. They are effective at killing bacteria that might be hidden between or behind the teeth.

Contouring Gums

In order to hold your teeth, your gums have to have a specific shape around the tooth root. At times, the gum may be too low down or have bacteria trapped underneath them. Contouring can change the shape of the gums around the teeth. This helps the gums hold the teeth easier and more effectively.

The dentist can be a scary place for many, but if you know what to expect from the dental appointment; your fears can be lessened. Lasers are pain free, provide a more effective way to care for teeth, while also taking half the time that the traditional tools would take to do the same procedures.