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Tooth Whitening Myths: What Really Works?

Tooth Whitening Myths: What Really Works?
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There are a lot of different theories out there about whitening teeth and there is a lot of misinformation out there. It’s natural to want to have a whiter smile and there are a lot of things that will work, you just have to know the correct information to make a good decision. Here are some truths about tooth whitening to help you sort through the noise.

What are Some Myths?

Some home whitening kits claim to be as strong as professional whiting treatments, but that’s not true. The professional whitening gel is stronger than the home kits most of the time. You don’t necessarily need the strongest gel out there to get the best whitening. Another whitening myth is that crowns and veneers can be whitened. They cannot be whitened so if you have one in the front of your teeth and whiten the others, that tooth will still be the same color.

What Actually Works?

One natural thing that works to whiten teeth is mixing baking soda and water so it makes a paste. When you brush your teeth with it over time you will notice a brightening in your teeth. There are several whitening strips out there that help remove stains and can effectively help your teeth look whiter. Some people with sensitive teeth might want to avoid these strips or test them for a short time to see if they are going to cause pain.

The last effective tooth whitening you can do is the one provided by your dentist. Your dentist knows the best way to keep your teeth healthy and protected while whitening them. This is why the dentist’s method of whitening your teeth is going to be more effective. You can talk to your dentist and easily set up an appointment. Don’t get tricked by the myths, stick with something that works.