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Can You Regrow Tooth Enamel?

Can You Regrow Tooth Enamel?
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Tooth enamel is the name of that hard and thin material protecting the main body (dentin) of your teeth. Enamel protects your teeth from extreme temperatures as well as average, daily wear and tear. It is important to keep in mind your enamel can endure damage. Your dentin, however, cannot. In time, enamel will repair itself. Dentin does not contain any living cells. Once it becomes damaged, there is not much you can do.

There are a number of different ways you can work with your dentist to prevent your enamel from additional damage while giving it a chance to restore itself.

Understanding the Problem

The first thing you need to do is understand what can damage your tooth enamel. This is because it is far easier to prevent tooth enamel from being destroyed than to repair it. Avoid acidic food or wait 30 minutes after drinking it to brush your teeth. Consuming diets that are high in sugar and starches can also damage your tooth enamel. Certain medications can as well. In general, you should wait 30 minutes after eating or drink to brush your teeth because right after eating and drinking is when your tooth enamel is at its weakest.

Learn What Tooth Enamel Damage Looks Like

If your teeth are yellow, your dentin is slowly becoming vulnerable. If your teeth are sensitive to extreme temperatures, you also have an enamel problem. Any pits or dents in your teeth means your enamel is wearing away.

Change Your Habits

Small things such as chewing sugar free gum and using toothpaste with fluoride will help with restoring and protecting your enamel. You can also talk to your dentist about using remineralizing gel to help your dental enamel grow back.

Take care of your enamel. Once your enamel is gone, you are not going to be able to regrow your dentin.